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Family devotion is a time to sit down with your loved ones and bond through reading the bible and prayer. But, many people still ask, "is it really necessary to have family devotions? is my personal devotion not enough?".  Although we can't really say that your personal time with God is not sufficient. this article will provide you with reasons for why having these family devotions is just as important as having your personal devotions. You can learn more from


1. A Bond Through Faith


    "A family whose foundation is built on God is a family that cannot be shaken.".  By having family devotions, you will be able to bond with your family through reading the word of God and prayer. Doing this with your family not only strengthens your faith but also your relationship with each other. It also helps in encouraging the members of the family in opening up more during the devotion especially on things that worry them when they give their prayer requests. Also, it helps in reminding each member to not only pray for themselves but pray for the other members of the family and the family as a whole as well.


2. A Reason To Bond At All


    A lot of families tend to not have enough time for bonding anymore especially because of a tight schedule or having too much work on hand. Having family devotions every day gives everybody a reason and some time to bond. It gives the parents a reason to get work done fast just to be able to get home for devotion and gives children a reason to take a short break from their stressful home works or projects. It becomes even more special as you are bonding for the Lord. 


3. A Daily Reminder and Encouragement


    It also serves as a daily reminder for everyone of God's love and what He wants for the family as a whole. As our personal devotion is God's way of talking to us, a family devotion is also God's way of talking to the family as a whole. Not only does it remind us of what we're here for but also reminds us of God's grace in our lives. Family devotions can encourage the family to be more faithful, giving, loving, etc., each day. You can get devotionals from


If you worry about how to start, you should be able to see plenty of articles online about tips and ways on how you will be able to start your family devotions. You will even be able to find guides and topics on family devotions online which will be able to help you. Lastly, the greatest reason on why you and your family need to start your family devotions is because there's no other thing that could be a great family experience than to seek God every day. Also, here are various devotional routines you can follow: